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  • Signed and numbered.  This stunning portrait by renowned Provincetown artist Jo Hay recently sold at the AFCC benefit auction for $25,000. You can own a smaller version of this portrait of our iconic first lady for $125 plus postage. The proceeds support the museum and the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod.
  • An extraordinary coffee table book for the nautically inclined. This substantial volume has 661 illustrations, many of which are life sized. Using a highly specialized spot UV printing method, the incredible photographs are displayed with a brilliance and sharpness rarely seen. By Dr. Alan Granby, portions of the sale of this book benefit The Cahoon Museum of American Art. Hardcover. 356 pages.
  • On February 23, 1961, Jacqueline Kennedy launched the most historic and celebrated redesign of the White House in its history. The White House announced Mrs. Kennedy's plan to locate and acquire the finest period furniture, with which the historical integrity of the Executive Mansion's interiors would be restored. Thanks to the vision of the young first lady, who was determined to make her new home the most perfect house in the United States, a committee was formed, a law was passed, donations were sought, a nonprofit partner was chartered and an inalienable museum-quality collection that would belong to the nation was born. An illustrated chronicle of the restoration, this volume celebrates the sixty-year legacy of one of the most influential interior design projects in American history. Portions of the sale of this book benefit the White House Historical Association. Hardcover.
  • A leading civil rights historian places Robert Kennedy for the first time at the center of the movement for racial justice of the 1960s—and shows how many of today’s issues can be traced back to that pivotal time.

    History, race, and politics converged in the 1960s in ways that indelibly changed America. In Justice Rising, a landmark reconsideration of Robert Kennedy’s life and legacy, Patricia Sullivan draws on government files, personal papers, and oral interviews to reveal how he grasped the moment to emerge as a transformational leader.
  • The #1 New York Times bestselling authors of Mrs. Kennedy and Me reveal never-before-told stories of Secret Service Agent Clint Hill’s travels with Jacqueline Kennedy through Europe, Asia, and South America. Featuring more than two hundred rare and never-before-published photographs. 304 pages, Hardcover.
  • In John F. Kennedy and the Politics of Faith Patrick Lacroix explores the intersection of religion and politics in the era of Kennedy’s presidency. In doing so Lacroix challenges the established view that the postwar religious revival disappeared when President Eisenhower left office and that the contentious election of 1960, which carried John F. Kennedy to the White House, struck a definitive blow to anti-Catholic prejudice. Where most studies on the origins of the Christian right trace its emergence to the first battles of the culture wars of the late 1960s and early 1970s, echoing the Christian right’s own assertion that the “secular sixties” were a decade of waning religiosity in which faith-based groups largely eschewed political engagement, Lacroix persuasively argues for the Kennedy years as an important moment in the arc of American religious history. Lacroix analyzes the numerous ways in which faith-based engagement with politics and politicians' efforts to mobilize denominational groups did not evaporate in the early 1960s. Rather, the civil rights movement, major Supreme Court rulings, events in Rome, and Kennedy's own approach to recurrent religious controversy reshaped the landscape of faith and politics in the period.
  • In December 1962, Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa set sail from Paris to New York for what was perhaps the riskiest art exhibition ever mounted. The driving force behind the undertaking was First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy who overcame the fierce objections of art officials who feared the journey would ruin the world's most celebrated smile. As "Mona Mania" swept the nation, nearly two million people attended exhibits in Washington, D.C., and New York City. Jacqueline Kennedy had succeeded in igniting a national love affair with the arts. Acclaimed biographer Margaret Leslie Davis tells the story of this tantalizing saga filled with international intrigue and the irresistible charm of Camelot and its queen. Portions of the sale of this book benefit the White House Historical Association.
  • We can't seem to get enough of Ben Franklin - the thrifty inventor-statesman of the revolutionary era with remarkable achievements in publishing, business, politics, diplomacy and invention. A man so confident in his own immortality that he tempted lighting to strike the same place twice. We know all about the key and the kite, the post offices, the libraries, the bifocals, the fire departments, and the almanacs. But what about the woman who raised his children, ran his businesses, built their house and fought off angry mobs at gunpoint while he traipsed about England? Author Nancy Rubin Stuart is an award-winning author and journalist whose eight nonfiction books focus upon women and social history.
  • In this magisterial work, celebrated historian David Nasaw tells the complete story of Joseph P. Kennedy, the founder of the twentieth century's most famous political dynasty. The Patriarch tracks Kennedy's astonishing passage from East Boston outsider to supreme Washington insider and key participant in the major events of this times: the booms and busts, the Depression and the New Deal, two world wars, a cold war and the birth of the New Frontier. In this pioneering biography, Nasaw draws on never-before-published archival materials and interviews with family and friends to reveal the full impact of Kennedy's legacy, paying particular attention to the lives of the children he raised. In studying Kennedy's journey, we relive the history of the American Century.
  • JFK: Coming of Age in the American Century, 1917-1956 is a non-fiction book by pulitzer prize winning author Fredrik Logevall, released by Random House in 2020, that illuminates the education, military service, and political career of an American president whose early years set the stage for his knowledge of international relations. This knowledge provided him the ability as President to steer the nation through the most perilous deadlocks and short term victories of the cold war, including the disastrous attempt to thwart Castro's Communist takeover of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs, the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, and the beginning of military détente with the Soviet Union. JFK's presidency will be covered in a yet to be released companion volume also authored by Logevall. Paperback.


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