John Fitzgerald “Jack” Kennedy (JFK)


  • 29 May 1917
  • Brookline, Massachusetts


  • 22 November 1963
  • Dallas Texas
  • Assassination


  • Jacqueline Bouvier Onassis Kennedy (1953-1963)


  • Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr.
  • Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy


  • Caroline Kennedy
  • John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr.
  • Patrick Bouvier Kennedy
  • Arabella Kennedy (Stillborn)


  • Graduated from Harvard University cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in government with a concentration on international affairs.

Military Background:

  • United States Navy
  • 1941-1945
  • Lieutenant
    Patrol Torpedo boat 109 (1942-1943)
    Patrol Torpedo boat 59 (1941-1942)
  • Fought in World War II and Solomon Island campaign
  • Military Awards:
    Navy and Marine Corps Medal
    Purple Heart Medal
    American Defense Service Medal
    American Campaign Medal
    Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with three 3/16 inch bronze stars
    World War II Victory Medal


  • Served as the 35th President of the United States of America from January 1961 until his assassination in November 1963.
  • Events that occurred during Kennedy’s Presidency:
    Cuban Missile Crisis (16-28 October 1962)
    The Bay of Pigs Invasion (17-19 April 1961)
    The Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (7 October 1963)
    The establishment of the Peace Corps (1 March 1961)
    The construction of the Berlin Wall (13 August 1961)
    The Trade Expansion Act (1962)
    The Civil Rights Movement (1954-1968)
    The “New Frontier” domestic program
    The abolition of the death penalty in the District of Columbia
    New developments in the Space Race – Manned Space Program (Established but not complete until 6 years after assassination during the Nixon Presidency)
  • In 1957 John F. Kennedy won a Pulitzer Prize for his book Profiles in Courage. According to the New York Times, “It is refreshing and enlightening to have a first-rate politician write a thoughtful and persuasive book about political integrity.