John F. Kennedy is revered as one of the nation’s most beloved and iconic presidents. The Kennedy Museum is a place that shares how Hyannis Port has long been the Kennedy family home, especially for John F. Kennedy, his siblings and his children. He always kept Hyannis Port and the sea close to his heart.  

 When you step inside the JFK Hyannis Museum, you are surrounded with images of the Camelot years, evoking strong emotions.  Our visitor books are filled with special stories and shared memories. If you would like to share your memory or story with us, please send us an email using the below email form:

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    Visitors Share their Experience

    Five Stars. Insight into JFK’s relationship with the family summer house at Hyannis in Cape Cod. Three rooms paying tribute to Robert Kennedy and Jacqueline as well as JFK. Well presented with video and old newspaper accounts of the presidential contest, summer holidays as president and even meetings of his government in the compound. Very enjoyable. . .” Google reviewer from Australia, visited November 2023


    Five Stars. Neat museum that does a great job of talking about the Kennedy family and life on the Cape. Talks a lot about JFK and his younger years and enjoyment of life in Hyannis. Staff were very helpful and friendly. Ample parking right behind the building with public restrooms near parking as well.” Google reviewer, visited November 2023


    Five Stars. A gem of a museum- time well spent . . . I loved walking through this museum and reliving the Kennedy era. Importantly, the museum is not just geared to those of us who were alive in the 60’s. The exhibits are thoughtful and thought provoking. . .the museum is conveniently located on Main Street and a visit can easily fit into a day out in Hyannis.” Tripadvisor traveler, visited September 2023


    Five Stars. A wonderful JFK memorial. For anyone who remembers Camelot and November 1963 this is a must visit.” Tripadvisor traveler, visited August 2023


    Five Stars. A nice little museum! If you are a fan of JFK and the Kennedy Family, this is a must-see while in Hyannis. We were lucky enough to see JFK’s rocking chair on exhibit this summer. . . the museum is in a great central location and is easily accessed. Staff are very friendly. Worthwhile.” Tripadvisor traveler, visited August 2023


    Three Stars. Lots of photos on the walls with descriptions for you to read. It does cover the whole Kennedy clan from Joe and Rose all the way down. Interesting for younger people and people not familiar with the family. It was worth the price of admission.” Tripadvisor traveler, visited July 2023


    Five Stars. I LOVED this museum. It contains a lot of historical information about the Kennedy’s. There are some artifacts and a lot of great photographs and movies (short films). They have a nice gift shop with reasonably priced memorabilia. I am so glad we visited.” Google reviewer, visited January 2023


    Five Stars. It was my first visit and I’ve lived nearby for almost 20 years 😀 I was very pleasantly surprised. The exhibits were very detailed. I sat in on a book signing for Cape Cod Jazz and bought a copy from the Gift Shop They have a very nice Gift Shop.” Google reviewer, visited June 2023


    Four Stars. When I was a kid in the early 70s, my parents took us to vacation on the Cape. It was a magical place because of the beach but it also had that magical feeling because of the legacy of the Kennedy family. As an adult, my husband and I thought it was fitting to pay our respects to not only the family but to a much beloved president. Very informative. Loved the timelines and photographs. My favorite part of the museum, the wonderful statue out front! Very recommended!” Google reviewer, visited 2022


    Five Stars. Our visit to the John F. Kennedy Museum was a highlight of our stay in Hyannis and was within walking distance of our hotel. The museum had very many pictures and mementos of our beloved past President and the Kennedy family. Visiting the museum made me feel a part of the history and legacy of our nation. This is my second visit to the museum, and I loved every minute of both visits.” Google reviewer, visited 2021


    “I’ve visited many JFK memorials and museums in the U.S. and Europe, but I’ve never felt closer to JFK than here at Cape Cod. What a wonderful place and a great museum.” Barbara C. Suffolk, England