John F. Kennedy is revered as one of the nation’s most beloved and iconic presidents. His presidency, though short, was filled with major events from the establishment of the Peace Corp, the Civil Rights Movement, and advancements in the Space Race. The United States in the 1960s was filled with revolution, war, and uncertainty.Citizens lived in a state of change and put their faith in JFK to restore society to normalcy and national pride. The Kennedy Museum is a place that keeps these fond memories alive. Hyannis Port has a long history with the Kennedy family, especially John F. Kennedy and his children. He always kept Hyannis Port close to his heart and will remain intertwined with the history of this town.

The Kennedy Museum is able to share this piece of history with guests from all over the world. When visitors step inside, they are surrounded with images of the Camelot years evoking strong emotions.  Our visitor books are filled with special stories and shared memories. If you would like to share your memory or story with us, please send us an email using the below email form:

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    Visitors Share their Experience

    “I’ve visited many JFK memorials and museums in the U.S. and Europe, but I’ve never felt closer to JFK than here at Cape Cod. What a wonderful place and a great museum.” Barbara C. Suffolk, England 11/8/16

    “A trip to the Cape is not complete without visiting this museum and bringing back memories of my youth seeing “the Camelot years”. Both smiles and tears.” Beth and Steve G. 9/7/15

    “I remember clearly the day the teacher walked into my kindergarten classroom and announced we were all going home, school was going to close early, and the President of the United States had been shot. I arrived home, found my mother sobbing in tears, glued to the black and white TV screen. I didn’t fully comprehend but it was a day frozen in time” 9/6/15

    “I have followed the Kennedy Family, since the Presidency of John F. Kennedy. This museum in its simplicity truly gives one a feeling of the hospitality and principle values of the Kennedy Family; as well as the ambience of the Cape and the Atlantic Ocean. Thank you.” Teresa P. Chicago, IL, 6/2/15

    “This is a great and such a thoughtful museum! I love how you make a scavenger hunt for the kids so they don’t become bored to death! (If the parents dragged them here!) The movie rocked and the pictures were cool!” Ally B. 5/15/15 (10 years old)

    “Beautiful exhibit of the Kennedy’s. Memories that brought tears to our eyes. God bless the family members that carry on this great American legacy. ” Manuel and Raquel O. Boston, MA 4/8/15

    “I was brought down “memory lane” seeing JFK’s visit to Galway! I was on the footpath with my parents and siblings, waving the American flag to welcome him! We were devastated later when we heard the sad news that rocked the world. Beautiful exhibit.” Lecile, Galway, Ireland 5/14/15

    “So proud to be here! This is such a nice piece of America.” 10/24/14

    “Such a wonderful tribute! Brings to life the memories we have of the Camelot years.” Joanna C., Winthrop, MA 10/24/14

    “Very moving and emotional for me and my wife. Good insight into the Kennedy’s private lives. What could have been!! Will always remember JFK!” Frank and Janet S., Charlotte, NC. 10/17/14

    “Loved being here and being a small part of the Kennedy experience. Amazing family.” Rob and Rebecca L. – Olathe, KS 10/4/14

    “A great experience and worth exploring. Since it is not hands on, this museum gives people a chance to explore and inquire about this historical family on their own. I took my mother here for the first time of her life being in the Cape. A true experience – I will never forget the joy it brought her.” Janae J., 9/6/14

    “Great experience being in the museum and learning more of the Kennedy’s lifestyle.” Ivana and Tahsin, NYC, NY 8/30/14

    “I could not come to Hyannis without visiting this museum. An inspiring man.” Bill, Surrey UK

    “I first saw President Kennedy visiting in Connecticut as a child, and in college when we heard about his death. This museum is a beautiful tribute to his life and helped us to be thankful for all the memories of him and his family. My husband was in the military when he had heard of the sad news. We both were moved by this tribute” 9/14/14

    “I love this museum! I will never forget where I was on that terrible day in 1963. We were in class in the Netherlands when the news was announced. We were all shocked and class was dismissed. We loved Jack in Europe!” 9/19/14

    “What a wonderful time in our lives- a time of hope, excitement, and life. We all remember where we were that day in November, 1963- a testimony to the tragic change. The Kennedy Family embodies the hope, promise, and sense of duty in us. This museum is a great tribute and gives us a glimpse of a great family”. Patricia W, NY, 9/30/14

    “For me and my parents, this museum is our Camelot for ever.” Italy, 8/24/14

    “This was such a wonderful and informative visit. It brought back memories of my mom and her warm thoughts of JFK. I was a little girl then but I still remember his handsome face and all the Kennedys. Thanks for this walk down memory lane.” -Linda M., NYC, 8/20/14

    “I love the history and loving memories in this museum. He was a loving sweetheart to his family, friends, and voters. This museum was very nice. A great place to learn everything you need to know about our 35th president, John F. Kennedy. Thanks!” -Aileen G., Hyannisport, 8/02/14

    “This is a trip down memory lane. I remember with deep sadness the day he died. President Kennedy brought vision, leadership, and energy- not to mention Jackie- to our country. I will always miss them both. Thank you for this beautiful museum in his memory.” Leslie B. 6/22/14

    “As I walked through this museum, I felt the energy and hope JFK had for his family and the nation.” 5/8/14

    “Fifty years ago I was living in Dallas, TX and was at the airport to see President and Mrs. Kennedy arrive in Dallas. I just arrived as a grad student at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. I didn’t know much about U.S. politics, but was impressed with the new, young, and inspiring president with a funny accent. I watched the president’s plane land and saw them come down the stairs. I was standing behind the fence when they passed by. I can still see his face, waving hands, and piercing eyes, as if they were looking directly at me. I felt so important to home to actually have seen the American president- my first! Before I got back home, he was shot and killed. The mood at the University was somber- no classes. We just huddled around and talked- listened to the news on the radio.” 11/22/13

    “Today is personal, especially for those who were alive as witnesses to a national tragedy. It is November 22, 1963 + 50. I was 8, now 58, and the world changed in a moment. He was so young, I was so young, we were so young. Many times in life, the light goes out and there is only darkness. This was an example to us that we can be that light in the darkness. We can overcome challenges even to our very survival with human and vigor. It is his example, his spirit, his trajectory. and ours we remember today. Even 50 years later he affects many of us deeply. “The father of the faith, the devotion we bring to this endeavor will light our country and all who share it— And the glow from that fire can truly light the world”. It did, and we remember that it still can. So, today is about the remembrance of a tragedy, a life lost, a light snuffed out in its brightest glow and in away our national childhood’s end. But we also remember our youth and that energy and spirit he gave to us as a great gift for our lives that we may carry on the torch passes to us. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy lives on as that blazing torch in the darkness, the beacon of our hopes and the champion of our hearts.” 11/22/13, John and Susan O.

    “It seems appropriate that it is a gloomy, rainy day today. The Heavens are sad. 50 years ago doesn’t ease the pain and shock of that terrible day in 1963. I have been to this wonderful museum a few times before today, but it felt like I needed to be here today, to pay respect to JFK and to think about what could have been” 11/22/13 Kathleen B.

    “President Kennedy was an inspiration and the early 1960’s brought an era of hope for millions of Americans. Today, 50 years later, we can still feel the inspiration he brought to us. The ideals he brought to the White House are, in many ways, woven into our society today.” Bill and Roselaine C., 11/22/13