A New-Gazette editor’s search of Camelot describes his journey with the JFK Hyannis Museum as his first stop, and ends at  the JFK Presidential Library and Museum in Boston. The News-Gazette is located in Illinois.

By FRANK HOSEK, The News-Gazette

My first recollections of President John F. Kennedy are of my family gathered around the large RCA console TV in my grandparents’ front room. I sat on the floor while they watched intently as the funeral procession played out on the screen. I was a child of 5 and remember little of the tragic event that precipitated that memory. However, the solemnness of the occasion as the flag-draped coffin atop the horse-drawn caisson slowly made its way down Pennsylvania Avenue has stayed with me my entire life.

May 29 will mark the 100th anniversary of John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s birth. One of the country’s most beloved leaders, he and his family once spent a great deal of time in Cape Cod, Mass. There are few areas that embrace and celebrate the life of JFK like the Cape does.