President John F. Kennedy, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy – impressive titles for two extraordinary men, who grew up as two brothers, Jack and Bobby. Although they were born eight years apart, they formed a powerful bond of trust and understanding that created one of politics’ most formidable teams. The 2015 Special Exhibition, Jack & Bobby: Brothers First, tells their story with over eighty photographs – both iconic and rarely seen candids – and heartfelt quotes from friends and family. Including rarely seen home movies, the exhibition invites you to explore their lives on a personal level, both as leaders and as brothers.

The setting of the exhibition is Hyannis Port, the center of both their lives – shaping who they were as men, Navy officers, leaders, and brothers. As young men, they vacationed here, spent family holidays at their parents’ house, competed in regattas and relaxed here whenever they could. Here was the scene of great triumphs, including Jack’s presidential acceptance speech at the Hyannis Armory in 1960. Hyannis Port became the Summer White House, with the Kennedy homes and yachts frequently hosting important Cabinet meetings and foreign dignitaries. Here was also the scene of great tragedy, where Joe Sr. and Rose learned of the brothers’ deaths.

To this day, their commitment to public service, their unwavering and dedicated support of each other’s careers and families, through thick and thin, continues to inspire us. We invite you to join us in celebrating the lives of two great men – and two great brothers.

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