Garrett Keenan is a new employee here at the JFK Hyannis Museum, focusing on visitor interaction and children’s programming. Keenan joined the museum in April and has concentrated his efforts on developing presentations and activities for the museum’s visitors.

On June 10, Keenan unveiled a short presentation on the animals and pets of the Kennedy family. The presentation includes information on Jacqueline Kennedy’s prized horse named Sardar. Pakistan’s governor, Ayub Khan, presented the horse as a gift to Jacqueline Kennedy in 1962. The horse soon came to be known by the Kennedy’s as “Black Jack” and was chosen as the famous riderless horse that led John F. Kennedy’s funeral procession.

Keenan, who has a wealth of knowledge regarding United States Presidents, has completed a number of other projects during his short time here at the JFK Hyannis Museum. Most notably, Keenan has developed a series of scavenger hunts intended for children visiting the JFK Hyannis Museum. These scavenger hunts focus on JFK trivia and allow children to learn about the history of the Kennedys while still having fun.

Keenan’s positive attitude and energy has been a wonderful addition to the JFK Hyannis Museum. Stay tuned to see what he has planned next!



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