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Bobby Kennedy Jr’s book American Values describes, in fantastic detail, what it was like growing up and being a Kennedy in a time of incredible tension both at home and abroad. The book also describes his own personal struggle with addiction and how he overcame it.

This book, as well as RFK Jr.’s amazing storytelling skills is what Google Book Reviews is calling “The best of memoirs and political history.”

Please join us on August 23rd to hear RFK Jr. discuss his book and what went into writing it.

The Reception is sold out, however General Seating is still available!

Tickets for general seating at the lecture are $20.

The lecture will be at the Cape Codder Resort & Spa at 7:00pm.

About The Book

In this powerful book that combines the best aspects of memoir and political history, the third child of Attorney General Robert Kennedy and nephew of JFK takes us on an intimate journey through his life, including watershed moments in the history of our nation. Stories of his grandparents Joseph and Rose set the stage for their nine remarkable children, among them three U.S. senators—Teddy, Bobby, and Jack—one of whom went on to become attorney general, and the other, the president of the United States.

These pages come vividly to life with intimate stories of RFK Jr.’s own experiences, not just with historical events and the movers who shaped them but also with his mother and father, with his own struggles with addiction, and with the ways he eventually made peace with both his Kennedy legacy and his own demons. The result is a lyrically written book that is remarkably stirring and relevant, providing insight, hope, and steady wisdom for Americans as they wrestle, as never before, with questions about America’s role in history and the world and what it means to be American.

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