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On January 25th Pizza Barbone will be donating 20% of all proceeds to the JFK Hyannis Museum. Stop in and support the JFK Hyannis Museum and Pizza Barbone from 11am to 9:00pm at 390 Main Street in Hyannis.

Pizza Barbone began making their Neapolitan wood fired pizzas by trekking their mobile oven around Cape Cod and the Boston area since the Spring of 2010. After finding much success at local farmer’s markets, public events and customer’s private parties all over MA, they set down roots at a brick and mortar location at 390 Main St. in Hyannis, MA. There they bake their pizza in a beautifully handcrafted Stefano Ferrara oven, which was built from scratch by third generation oven-makers out of rock and ash from Mt. Vesuvius and covered in hand painted glass tiles before being shipped from Naples, Italy. The oven was the first of its kind in Massachusetts so it is a truly exciting experience to bring the delicious pizza that this 1000-degree oven turns out to the people and visitors of Cape Cod.


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