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A subject particularly well suited to the photo-essay format, John F. Kennedy is portrayed here as an intelligent, likable person and a charismatic, effective leader but also as a photogenic subject in an age of changing visual technology. Television helped him win the presidency, and smaller, lighter cameras took the candid photos that endeared the president and his young family to the nation and the world. Sandler presents Kennedy’s life through a series of double-page spreads in which a full-page photo faces a page carrying a heading, several paragraphs of informative text, a smaller photo, captions, and (in the sections before the president’s death) a quote from Kennedy. Color photos mix with black-and-white ones, which are occasionally tinted. The presentation concludes with descriptions of places to visit, lists of recommended books and websites, and sources of key concepts, photos, and quotes. As in his other Through the Lens titles, Sandler offers an engaging, insightful introduction to his subject through both visuals and text. Grades 6-9.

Length: 96 Pages

Hard Cover

Dimensions: 10.4 inches by 0.5 inches by 10.4 inches